Im getting a new bike this weekend. either an 05 suzuki or yamaha 250.

I love suzukis, know notihng about the 250 4 strokes though. I ride alot of everything and just know yamahas havea certain feeling to them, theyre suspension and clutch feel is always so good, Strong motors. How does the rmz measure up. Can anyone give me honest opinions on differences. Im 185, have a 125cc 2 stroke now im selling.

Im 185, have a 125cc 2 stroke now im selling.

I rode a 125 2stroke at 195lb and asked my friend who owned it how he could enjoy it........ That thing was wound out in the bottom of the softer washes with me trying to keep pace with the guys. It was no fun for me after being on a 4 stroke.

If you go this route (4 stroke), you probably know by now that maintenance-wise you need to be way more involved. I don't own a Suzuki and have only test rode one after working on it up and down my street. My friend has a 450 for him and a 250 for his son. They both love them and he still talks of buying an '07 to replace his '05. His kid's is an '07. They talk great about the power and love the handling. I have an '05 WR450 (different beast but still a beast), and have worked on his two bikes way more than my own. I don't justify any bike because they are all great for certain people but I do see that the repairs to the Suzukis seem to be way more frequent. He does ride hismore than I but what I had heard of the Yamaha engines is seeming to be an honest opinion judging by my bike. I know that there are problems with them all but I thought the rod bearing going out on his bike and the manner that it went was crazy. Had it been my bike, I would have been saddened that I bought an inferior designed bike. From what I see with all my friends who are split about 75% - 25%, (the larger number being Honda 450R and X's and the smaller KTM), if you want more longevity, go Yamaha or KTM. If you have enough cash, go with any brand as you won't care about frequent repairs. If I were to buy a bike tommorrow, It would be Orange and Black and not made in Japan. But, I'm not and my bike has done me well so far.

Suzuki boys, please don't Bash me or take it the wrong way. I only came in here to get some input from RMZ250 owners about repairing my friend's bike:thumbsup: .

Good luck and enjoy whatever you buy!!!

I dont know why everyone keeps saying they are more maintenance..thats why im buying it. Maybe im spoiled because all my friends have yamaha 450's (atvs) and not one has had to be fixed over 2 years. My brother has port and polish head, high comp piston, hot cams on race gas, hasnt changed the oil in 2 years or done anything to it just beat it up hard. We all know the motors are better in the yamahas but im worried about not being fast on it i heard the handeling is not that great i need to figure out which i want reliability or handeling...damn

Voice of experience here. Buy the blue bike. My YZ250F, and every one I've personally been aware of, was bullet proof. My son's RMZ is a maintenance nightmare.

Damn, i like the RMZ, i get it they handle amazing but the motors are a pain in the ass. The yz does not handle as well but amazing motor. I know for sure yamaha has one of the best motors esp all my friends have 450 atv's worked and stock form and none have had a problem, thats a big thing.

I just noticed now that the 06 have a different frame, i found a 06 for about 2700 so i tihnk im gon take it up.

Any bike can be trouble free if maintained properly. And then you can get one of those unlucky once that just break all the time.

I ride my rmz pretty hard and it just keeps going. I'm religious about maintenance though, clean every dirt spec, oil changes every race, that type of deal :thumbsup:

Get whatever bike you like, you'll be the one riding it. And take good care of it.

rmz handles amazing and is relaible if you do regular maintence

Every brand has lemons, I came on here and read about the 04 when I looked at buying mine, the guys just about had me scared out of it, however it was a really good deal with a bunch of upgrades, so I figured I would at least try it, if I didn't like it I would sell it. That was a year ago and there is still a big yellow beast in my garage, with the only breakage being a clutch cable. I look at it like this, if it is fun to ride but breaks every once in awhile, so be it, you gotta pay to play. If it sucks to ride but never breaks, it still sucks to ride.........

I ended up going blue. Got a nice deal on an 06. I love it although the motor clearly needs exhaust and re-jet, out of the box they run pretty crappy, but i can see it will be a beast once its cleared up. Thank you everyone

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