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The Husqvarna Thumper Talk forum is extremely busy these days. Start a thread asking a question and it could be buried on page 4 in 24 hours.

The busier this forum gets the more it is going to be like that. Use common sense and feel free to post again to your own thread to bump it esp if you this only certain people can answer it, or pick up the phone. Please use common sense in bumping threads, people sometimes have other things they need to do other than TT.

Many of these threads could be reduced &/or eliminated if people read the Important Information and other stickies - or use the search function.

Obviously the search function is only useful if you know what you are looking for - a downside to a web forum. But please try....

Striving to better organize the information but it's not easy...

P.S. - Many times people post up and see a bunch of people online, but those particular people may not have your answer to your question. Please don't be offended, someone may have the answer at a later time.


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