Lowered suspension and kickstand length

Just got suspension back after being lowered by 1" (plus lighter springs and valving). Also put new tires on with nice new tall knobs. The bike barely stays upright when using the kickstand in the garage.

Have any of you who have lowered your bikes shortened the kickstand?

My 2006 TE250 kickstand length was 'ok' after lowering 1.5" but not great. Now something is a bit worn on it after a bunch of time & miles and its great - just sticks away from the bike a bit more than it used to.

Might want to set your sag before deciding.

I've had three bikes lowered 1.5" and had the kick stand lowered each time.


I've had three bikes lowered 1.5" and had the kick stand lowered each time.


I was guessing that 1/2" off would do the trick. How much did you shorten your kickstands by?

had my WR lowered an inch and stand is fine stock.......was not with the sag improperly set though.....was more like a house of cards built on a jello mold until I got the sag set.

Lowered my 2501" with no problems.

My '05 TE510 was barely long enough stock, the bike would almost tip over on the kick stand side at the slight breeze or bump.

After having the bike lowered 1 1/2"....correction....having the suspension shortened 1 1/2" (which I'm not 100% happy with), the kick stand seems just right (w/straight bolt & rubber cushion... more on that below)

Prior to lowering, noticed it getting worst and found kick stand bolt bends very easy, making the stand lean out farther. This was cased just from the weight of the bike & violent spring back it has

Replaced this bolt 3 times, finally rough fabbed a washer to limit forward swing & zipped tied short piece of rubber tube to the frame at the base where it hits on return......bolt 3 is still in there.

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