Least problems 450r vs 250r

Hey guys,

i have a deal sorted with a dealership that i get a free new crf (250 or 450) for 6 months, i need to know which bike will give me the least hassles in the 6 months i have it, be it the 250 or the 450,

( i have to give the bike back in working order after the 6 months )

if i ride it for say 6 hours a week, will the valves need replacing in 6 months, or the piston and rings???

if so how much will it cost?

thanks alot guys

the valves rings and piston will last that long for that amount of time in both bikes, if one or another is going to wear out faster it will be the 250

if you are racing the above does not appley

Either one should be able to last 6 monthes without blowwing up.

I'd grab a set of sprockets/chain and a plastics kit that way when you return it you can just slap the stock junk back on. My stock chain and sprockets were junk after 20 hours. At 22 hours I was very close to loosing teeth on the rear sprocket (kept riding because I wouldnt have a replacement for a week).

both bikes are great in their own way.just sold my 250r for the 450r.My corner speed was better on the 250r,but the power is incredible on the 450..I think if your racing or even riding a motocross track ringing the bike out staying with the 450's you will need to deal with the valves.I did mine twice last year its just part of taking care of a race bike.Hopefully the 450 valves will last longer cause I don't have the skill to ride it like a 250

As far as lasting ablity the 450 has alot more than the 250. Its alot easier for someone to get on the 250 and ride it alot more aggresivly, and at a higher RMP b/c it doesnt make near the power the 450 does. If you can ride a 450 that hard in 6 months the dealership needs to give you about 4 bikes and a full ride.

well any bike wont last long if you are bouncing off the rev-limiter a bunch (which is very easy to do on the 250 with their revvy nature and high peak powerband) Id say the 450 will last much longer before any major maintenance.

6 hours a week for 26 weeks is 156 hours. I would plan on doing the top end at least a couple of times and a crank and at least one clutch if you ride it hard. I have had 3 CRF 450's and have never gotten that much time (or even close) out of any of them. I do top ends (intakes and piston, etc) in my 450's at 50-60 hours. We do the 250F's at 30-40 hours. We do the cranks at 120 hours max.

I have a couple of 08 250F's and an 08 450F. The 450 will last longer. It will also wear you out a whole lot faster.

thanks alot guys,

i think im going to stick with the 250, everyone keeps telling me they wont last as long but they are alot more fun for bush riding.

appreciate the help

- baleric

Mine have given me equal troubles; nothing.

damn how'd you hook that deal up?

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