My Weekend At China Hat...Awesome

Hey all....

Just wanted to say that China Hat was awesome this last weekend. It was freezing cold though...and it snowed while we were there quite a bit. I didn't crash though, just kinda fell over:ride: Overall the trail system is great but I wanna go back when North Millican is open. As always that other girl that I ride with was awesome :thumbsup: I want to ride like that :confused: Just an idea but I would like to organize a ride there are maybe meet some new girls to hang out with...the boys are smelly :ride: (brothers, boyfriends, husbands and sons included though...they carry stuff and pack up the truck really well:p)

Okay so I guess I don't know how to post pictures :thumbsup:

No question China Hat and the Millican area are sick. A bud's got some land in that area and we'kk be down a couple times this spring/summer. Rock on:thumbsup:

I'll be there in June!

The ISDE is in a few weekends, I wonder who all's going?

Glad you had a great time!

I wish I could check it out! I also wish I had unlimited $$$, bikes and time.

Did you take any pics?

I have done the "fall over "tip over" thing...I'll take that over a full blown crash anyday.

Plush - Whats in June a trip or race?

I would love to attend the ISDE

We're hoping to get over there this weekend, the ISDE is April 27th.....will be held no matter what the weather, hoping more snow melts! Which trails were you on?

We've been to the Millican Plateau a couple times this spring, but North Millican is better - opens up May 1st.

Hi Sun, the trip in June is a trip :thumbsup: WE'll be at China Hat June 13 thru ?(at least 4-5 days hopefully longer). If anybody else will be there let me know!!!!

I'll be there in June!

The ISDE is in a few weekends, I wonder who all's going?

Glad you had a great time!

I'll be there for the ISDE. We'll be meeting some friends there who are also gonna be racin. :thumbsup:

Cant' wait to hear about the ISDE!!!! I got a "definately maybe" so far for next year :thumbsup:

jat, if you remember(you dont' have too), but if you remember some of the trail they use, or what area they use (north, south, everything, east, west) let me know and me and my son will hit those hard :thumbsup:

good luck and be safe to everyone!!!

We stayed at the camp 25 staging area. Most all the trails still had a bit of snow. I will check out my map and post what trails were nice and which were not so great. I know anything up in the "hills" was unridable.

Made it over to China Hat yesterday - fabulous. However, was a mix of snow and ice in patches higher up, and dusty where it was dry. So ideally, we'll get some rain between now and the ISDE to hold down the dust, and warm enough to melt off the last of the snow! Asking for it all.

me cornering


Randy stuck in a snow patch after trying to ride around me after I got stuck


me on trail


I was really glad to have some new S12 tires on, some of the uphills were pretty icy. It SHOULD mostly melt off in the next couple weeks tho.

We did all of trail 81, which I'd never done before, has some challenging spots, esp with the ice. Plus with trying to keep my pace up to get ready to race, and 50some miles total, whew, I'm ready for a nap today!

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