Ride scheduling conflicts in the Carolina's!!

Has anyone else noticed that the Chester Dual sport, the Adv riders weekend events and the Highlanders Dual sport rides out of Maggie Valley are all the SAME WEEKEND!!! 5/16-5/18 Or did I just dream this up in a horrible nightmare....

What happened , these guys all get together to see how messed up they could make the scheduling?:ride: :ride: :D

I was thinking of doing the Highlanders Caney Fork Friday ride, The ADV riders Saturday ride with Yanni, and then the Chester ride on Sunday... but (if I could even survive that much fun!) ... I have semi commited to a sport bike street trip to WV that weekend too and that is the entire weekend...... I am so confused!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :confused:

I don't know what the deal is with the guy at Highlanders. But look on the bright side, you can ride that anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year if you want to.

For me the Chester ride is the best one I have ever been to, I love pure trails.

I also like the Acme D/S rides, about the same as Highlander but only $15.00 and food at the end. They also have a real route sheet that is spot on. More then I can say for Highlander.

mmmm Tell us more about Acme.... sounds good! Had not heard of them... PM if you think it should be kept quiet...


Decisions, decisions...ride with Yanni! :thumbsup: You're right, we all got together and said ''let's screw with their heads for real this time! Remember I told ya Megathumper that I'd lead the ADVrider.com rally on Sat. then head down to Chester the same night? Well, life happens I reckon. I just scheduled a private tour for at least 4 (maybe more...) on Sunday, May the 18th. Work, work, work.

yeah, I remember.... one of the major reasons I wanted to do both! Liked riding with you guys and even though BentAero tried to run over me on the trail, he was a fairly nice person off the bike!

I'm definately hitting the Armenia ride. Did it last year it was a good one.

...and even though BentAero tried to run over me on the trail, he was a fairly nice person off the bike!

Ya gotta watch out for that idiot, he'll do that to you.

Oh wait, that's me! err, umm...

Though it's not MC related, here's another way to spend your time that same weekend: http://nhra.com/content/preview.asp?articleid=2430&zoneid=90&y=&navsource=8

I think I just might end up at Bristol on Friday.

See you at Armenia on Sunday. :thumbsup:

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