bike doesn't rev up when finally warmed up

with the choke on and warming it up, it doesn't idle up to higher revs like it used to indicating it's warmed up. anything i can check. on one ride going up one section, i forgot to disable the choke and didn't realize that was causing the throttle issues.

asked a few peeps and that shouldn't damage anything. but now i'm noticing the idle doesn't go up with the choke on when it's supposed to be warmed up. it will go up if i apply a little throttle though.

i think your overthinking this a bit.

does it run fine when your riding the bike normally?

yeah... she runs fine. first time i've ridden her in 3 mos due to ankle injury. but runs fine. was just curious why that indicator kinda went away.

Weather, hot,cold, humity, may be causing jetting to be a little different? Just a guess.

Take the bowl off the carb and clean the jets and pilot circuit... Sounds like its got dirt in the idle jet.

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