crf230 - jetting the bbr piped bike

I bought used. 2004. Has a bbr pipe which I understand requires replacing the original jetting. With what?

Bike hesitates right off throttle. works great on half choke. Not acceptable.

Anyone else experience this? Help.

I ride greenwater and little naches. About 3500 - 5500 feet.

Any help would be much appreciated.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

should go into the jetting forum

tku. will do . just getting the hang of this site.

alright. welcome to Thumpertalk

welcome to the best off road site out there. you will get the hang of this site in no time.

i use a 132 main/ 45 pilot/power up needle on 3rd clip... others use stock needle 4th clip i think.... with 120 main 45 pilot.

i got a 2004

with a bbr

120 main

45 pilot

stock needle 4th clip down

fuel screw 1.75 turns out

just making sure that u have the choke off (fully down) right?

I'm running exactly the same setup as heybuddy, but due to my elevation I have a 132 main jet

oh yeah i forgot


sea level - 3000ft.

air box snorkel removed

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