07 XR650L finally "uncorked"....

Finally did it. :thumbsup:

Uni filter

DJ jet kit (also drilled out two outside holes in slide and ground off stop tab)

FMF Q2 slip on

Removed smog pump

Fired right up. Ran VERY well. Warmed up easily. WELL worth the efforts.

Only issue, and this is small, is that there is an ever so slight stumble on initial accelration from a dead start. Barely noticeable.

I did fiddle with the mixture adjustment, I could not discern a difference by moving the screw several turns in either direction. Is that normal?

I only replaced the main jet (165). Is there any benefit to replacing the pilot jet?

Thanks in advance.

I had the same problem with my Dyno Jet kit on my L until I installed a 55 pilot jet.

Me too on my 05 XR650L when I installed a DJ kit, had ot go back and install the 55 pilot, after that all is well :-)

yeah you need to change your pilot also, like a whole new beast! when you change your mixture screw that much without any noticeable change thats tells you your pilot is off usually.

Yeah, richer pilot or go to a pumper.

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