'99 cr250

i just bought me a new bike for a hundred bucks. great price but i cant find parts anywhere!! the bike has frozen crank bearings and i dont know where to find them. i have done hours of research and nothing.:thumbsup:

i also need gaskets, some of the bolts that hold the cylinder head to the cylinder, and a few misc other parts. dudes.. im about to go nuts. i need these parts. any help is greatly appreciated. :thumbsup::confused:

also, if anyone knows someone who gives good deals on motor work, i need someone to replace the bearings.






Sweet deal! Got to www.husqvarnausa.com and look for dealer info. Find contact info for Bottones, Halls, Uptite, all great dealers who have parts. Some parts, piston, gaskets, etc are availible through any Parts Unlimited Dealer. I don't know who to take your motor to, find someone who is good with 2 strokes.


thanks for the info man.


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