Headlight isnt working??

Okay, so I take my bike on a ride, and when daylight starts running out, I notice my headlight (that has always worked before) is not working. Any ideas? Suggestions?

Note. My Kill switch wires are 'ripped' out by accident, but it worked after that happened. However, I did wash it, could that have cause the problem? Post that tho, after a wash before my headlight stopped working, and after the kill switch wires were torn out, (just from the switch, and they are still 'exposed') it still worked. Again, you guys are always helpful, so thanks for any suggestions!!

I really hate to ask this but did you check the bulb? Are you getting power to it ? And what year bike are we dealing with ?

oh 06 wr450. Im gonna check a few things tomorrow, mainly to see if its getting power, i didnt have any tools with me to check it then, so i havent messed with it since.

when you do check it for voltage , remember to set your meter for AC . most likey the bulb just died .

if it hasnt been fixed already(and you havent sold it), maybe a connection?

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