Pro Circuit Shock Linkage

I was just curious if anyone had this on their kx and if they have any feed back on whether or not it helps out the handling or not? Was thinking of purchasing one but am not sure if it is really worth it. What are some of your opinions?

Someone said that you could buy the stock link for the KXF450 and save some money, since they are the same length...

But you have to look in to it, because I think they changed the length between -06 and -07...

I'm almost embarrassed to say this, but I bought a 08' a month ago, and put on the PC linkage and 22mm triple clamps before I rode it . I read a lot of posts on the matter and talked to a mag test rider, and everyone thought it was a good idea. I've only ridden the bike 4 times (weather), but on the tracks I have ridden the bike sticks in the corners like glue. Also, if you have ever really watched RC or RV take flat corners, both get on the gas early and pivot around the front tire. The KX with the linkage and triple clamps is the first bike I can do that with (although a lot slower than those other guys). So, the really long answer to a short question is, the bike feels hardwired to my brain, I say it corners awesome. MVC.

Yes it does work. Keeps the bike more stable on bumpy straights and whoops.

Yes, i had one on my bike. I really recommend getting the clamps along with it. it doesnt totally wipe out the handling problems, but it helps alot.

Definately works! get the matched set; rear link arm and 22mm clamps. Mine are from Tri Starr(green anodized), but the same as PC.

I got both the 22mm clamps and linkage and it really dose help.:thumbsup:

Forgive my ignorance here guys, but what does this linkage do exactly? PC says it lowers the bike while improving handling, how? Also, why the clamps? Am I doing anything wrong by putting a linkage arm on without the clamps? I am interested in putting one on my 14 year old daughters 250F because simply the bike is too tall. I put a Koubalink in my wifes CRF230 and we ended up taking it out cuz it changed the geometry a little too much (i followed the instructions to the t including raising the tubes). Now, neither of these two ladies are going to ride like you guys do, but can I get by with just raising the tubes? Thoughts, suggestions??

No one has an opinion here?!?

It only lowers the bike about a half an inch. Not a big difference. The susp. companies can lower the forks and shocks for a price with revalve etc.

The linkage does lower the rear of the bike about half an inch, but it does make it harder to compress for the beginning of the stroke.

Maybe you wouldn´t want that with a light girl on board.

Try raising the tubes (as you did), run 100-105 mm of rear sag, cut some foam of the seat, remove some compression damping (clickers), and add some rebound damping (will work for beginners).

If budget allows, get softer springs if she is light and slow...

I am 125lbs and put the linkage arm and 22mm clamps on. Also softer springs front and rear. I still cant touch cause I am short(5ft4). The triple clamps helped out big time in helping the bike turn better and less front end swap. I did suspesion,linkage, and triple clamps all at once though. Everybody that rides my bike says that it tuns/handles way better than any other stock kxf though.

For the cash though, I would invest in 22mm clamps. Plus get the suspension set up for her weight.

from factory connection

Height Reduction Service - $35 additional charge per end.

A great option for those with shorter inseams, a process that is 100% reversible.

Factory Connection can reduce height generally between 1/2 inch - 2 inches for Off-road and MX applications.

Ice Racing, Flat Track and Super Moto height reductions are also available. Certain Ice or Flat track set up reduces height 2+ inches depending on make/model and rider preference.

Example: Forks $35 (pair) + Shock $35 = $70 additional charge.

Here is what I'm considering:



I'm 5'7" and feel that the bike plows a little in berms. By replacing the triple clamp, do I need to replace my handlebar clamps? I've got the stock renthals on the 07.

yes, when I ordered my triple clamps I specified that I had the stock Renthal bars. Usually they send them out with oversized mounts.

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