KTM lighting

Hello all can anyone suggest a light bulb replacement for the 525/530

headlight ?

Cant believe ktm uses such a weak bulb, it does nothing at night


Do a search over in the KTM area. They have alot of info on improved lighting.

I bought an H7 upgrade from pmxtec and am very happy with it.

I got the H4 12V 60/55W heavy duty bulb from Candlepower. It is meant for rough use (taxicabs, delivery trucks, etc.). No problems with my '07 525 EXC blowing these bulbs. If the current KTM 450/535s use the H4 I highly recommend the Candlepower import bulb. They also have all kinds of heavy duty bulbs on their web site.


This is what I use. I'm very happy with it. Seems durable.:thumbsup: Go to www.piaa.com


A new addition to PIAA’s stable of high performance bulbs is the Super Plasma GT-X. The new GT-X provides an exclusive purple low beam and an Xtreme White high beam. And if that weren't enough! PIAA has added a purple colored top coat giving the headlamp a purple look even when the lamp is turned off.

Twin Pack 15962

Single Pack 15961

Bulb Type H4

Wattage 60/55w = 135/125w, 3800K/5000K

Technology Super Plasma GT-X with XTRA Technology

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