Rekluse clutch drag problem

I just installed a rekluse in my YZ450. It has the perch adjuster with a clutch override lever.

There seems to be too drag at idle. Initially the installed gap was on the tight end of the recommendation. I rearranged the disks per instructions which turned out to be on the loose end but again within tolerence. This didn't seem to change the idle drag at all.

If I adjust the perch adjuster to reduce the idle drag then the lockup RPM seems too high and possibly slipping.

The other side effect on the thumper is whenever I'm "rock crawling" and chop the throttle it kills the bike. If I turn my idle up high enough to overcome this problem (caused by too much clutch drag) and use the manual clutch release then the bike idles at 5 grand.

Working on our course I had some boiling at first and thought all was well. Almost smoked the motor when I discovered it evaporated all the coolant.

Anyone running Rekluse's in there thumpers??? I had one in my CR500 and it didn't suffer with this clutch drag issue...

The other side effect on the thumper is whenever I'm "rock crawling" and chop the throttle it kills the bike.

This part of the problem is because your idle mixture is too rich. Just as lean mixtures cause the idle to hang, rich mixtures cause the idle to drop too rapidly and stall.

I had most of the same problems you did when I first installed my rekluse. The most annoying part of the problem was the stalling when opening and closing the throttle at slow speeds. If every thing is set up right with your installation then the zipty carb mod is a good fix for your stalling issues. The stalling on mine went from frequent to rare after the mod.

Here is a few posts of many I found searching for "rekluse stall"

I ran the rekluse with the perch adjuster on my 06 450. I tried every combo possible. Yes, a rich setting will amplify a stalling problem. But in the end I took it off.

When I got my 08 I put it on but without the perch adjuster just used the heavy spring. That was the solution. Even with everything set perfect I think the drag of the cable gave a inconsistent engagment/disengagment. I could not be happier now. Try it.

I had a standard Rekluse on my 426 and now have a z-start pro on my '06 YZ450. What is your desired engagement rpm and engagement speed? Those are the two factors you can set.

Rekluse states that the bike should just barely move forward with the bike in first gear on level ground with no rider.

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