can you powdercoat a crf450 ignition cover

some say you can't because of the site glass. has anyone ever removed the site glass and reinstalled it????

I have been wondering about this same thing? I just bought a power coating kit to do my frame and clutch cover, but I would sure like to do the ignition cover as well. Maybe this weekend I will check it out and see if its possible.

The sight glass is available separately,if the part number is not shown on the parts list your dealer can call Honda and they have the number, if not post here and I will dig it up.

honda dealer had no luck on the site glass. Please post if you find something! Thanks

Just a quick bit of info on powder coating the covers. They are magnesium, which will conduct, but the magnesium oxide that forms on the surface will not. After prepping the part, check for continuity with a multimeter to make sure the part will conduct. Same goes for a previously anodized surface.

I found this out the hard way trying to p-coat an anodized (faded) clutch cover. I had to keep heating/curing/shooting the part. The finish came out matte black, which looked super trick, but didn't last a ride with my boot rubbing on it. Should have got a picture when it was fresh!

i had mine powder coated. the sight glass will pop out but can be tuff to put back in, my shop taped over it, and it turned out fine. the heat does not harm or affect seal/sight glass. they do a lot of them this way, just be sure to remove one way valve and clean it up real good before you install.

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