jetting kit extras

i am going to do the 3x3 and rejet on my 08s. i am a little confused on a couple things. when i order the jetting kit from jd or dj do they come with the float bowl screws and the adj fuel screw or do i have to order those seperately. also do the jet kits only come with one jet size for the jets you need or are there multiple main, pilot jets in the kit incase you need to change it. i live in michigan (1060 above sealevel). i just wnat to make sure i order the right stuff. thanks.


The James Dean kit comes with the fload bowl screws, Thje DynoJet one does not.

None of them come with a fuel screw, you'll have to order one seperately but it is not necessary.You can reuse the stock one. The KEFS is good for adjustments. The stock one is a bit od a problem to adjust. So get the Kientech.

The kits come with a couple of main jets. Pick the correct one for your elevation.

The JD kit comes with the 25 pilot jet, the DJ kit does not so if your elevation requires it you'll need to order it seperately.

All in all, Get the JD kit, it is more complete and seems to work better, and then get the extended fuel screw from Kientech.

Cannot help you with jetting recommendations.


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