2008 yz 450 gearing??

all i have used is the stock gearing, curious if anyone has come up with anything else they prefer better. thanks.

50 tooth on rear works well also

Are you running stock exhaust? With aftermarket exhaust bike seems to work well with stock gearing, I can ride 3rd in most corners. However stock exhaust you might want to jump to the 50 tooth. Bike is a bit sluggish in stock form.

yeah, i'm running the stock exhaust. my sprocket sponsor is all out of 49's and i'm in pretty quick need. the more i think about it a 50 would probably be perfect anyway. thanks, and if anyone else has some hot setup tips for gearing or anything else i'd be glad to hear it.

I have a Yoshi rs-2 exhaust system on my 08 and I run a 50t sprocket everywhere I go except for when I go to the dunes, then I run a 48-49t depending on conditions.

For general riding I am super happy with the 50t sprocket. It added quite a bit of snap in the lower 3 gears and still goes plenty fast on topend for most situations.

stock '08 and I went with a 50T works good, I ride MX tracks only.

50 tooth on rear works well also

+1 on the 50 tooth.

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