New to 4-stokes

I just bought a 05 rmz 450 with very low hrs and in excellent shape and I love the bike! But I have rode 2-strokes all my life and would like to know what are the main maintence issues with this yr bike I am a diehard airfilter cleaner and I know these bike need the oil changed every other ride but I didnt get a manual with this thing and dont really know how to change the oil and how much oil it takes with filter change and without filter change hope somebody reads this and will help me out:confused:

Also what is the best oil to use semi synthetic or full 5w-30 or 10w40 i have a ready stainless oil filter whats the best way to clean them? thanks

Oil change every other ride (replace paper or clean metal filter), clean or replace air filter every ride. My 07 has three oil drain bolts on the left (one is oil screen)! You should have 2 ln the left side, add oil on the right and a oil check bolt on the right (with copper crush washer). Your bike has the oil screen in the case that you are supposed clean (crack case!) every 20 hrs our so (no one does). I think your bike takes 1350 ml?, mine has the amount on the oil filter cover. You should check the valve clearance (easy) to ensure you are in specs.

Go through and check all your bolts/nuts, use blue thread lock on anything you don't take off on a daily basis (kick lever!)

Enjoy! They really are tractors! Amazing power/torque from the first twist of the throttle and most tracks you only need 3rd gear!

Thanks i went through and tightened all the bolts on the entire bike i had a 04 kx 250 before i got this and it would lose a bolt everytime i rode i got use to thread loking everything with it.Also what about the cam chain adjustment is that hard to do? this bike is a tractor commparied to my kx but it was no slouch so far i have put a dr d full exhaust and geared it with 14/49 oversize wave front rotor,radiator braces,stg step down seat and works connection skid plate im going to post a picture as soon as i get my new numbers and backgrounds in it is a sweet looking bike it has the makita graphics.If anyone else has any suggestions I would appreciate it I am trying to get to know everything I can from owners of bikes like mine. thanks stone195

Stone, I'm picking up my 05 RMZ 450 tomorrow. I'm coming from a 01 RM 250 as my MX bike so I'm kind of in the same situation. I had the same questions about the cam chain. I called the local dealer and asked if one of the the shop guys could show me if I came in with the bike mostly apart (I.e) tank removed. They said no problem. From what I have heard from thumpertalk and talking with different people who own 05 and 06's is that it is real easy to do, but also real easy to screw up.

I'm going to error on the side of caution since the local mechanics said they would rather show me how to adjust it than rebuild my motor if I made a mistake.

As a note, the kid I'm getting mine from put black plastic and left the yellow seat and tank so it will be awhile before I post my pictures. I'm 205 without gear so I figure I should spend my money on suspension getting new springs and valves before I make it pretty. If you are looking for the next thing to do, suspension is worth every penny. Once you get a awesome suspension set up you will never ride a bike without it again and then wonder how you ever rode a bike without it in the first place. It's a $800 dollar curse. One of the first things I do when I get a used bike is I pull and lube the swing arm bolt before I need a 10 thousand pound press to get it out (you don't have to pull it completely. Just dislodge it and slide it about 1/2 way out and grease what you can see). At the least since it is an 05 and probably hasn't been done in a while, service the fork and shock fluids. You will be amazed at the difference from that alone (About 100 bucks at a local shop if you don't know how to do it).

Here is the stuff I've ordered to freshen up my 05.

PIVOT WORKS BEARING KIT COMBO - for swing arm, linkage, and shock $170 - I usually replace these and relube at about 45 hours.

Steel brake lines for the front and rear to increase braking- About $100 bucks

ASV levers - 160.00 if you can find the Holiday Pack - Another thing I don't know how people ride without.

New brake pads (Front and rear) - $40

Change brake fluid - Make sure to have a vacuum pump or you will never bleed the front (40 bucks for the pump) - A minimum for any bike even if you don't go with new levers and brake lines.

Repack muffler - about 10 bucks

Pro bleeder valves for the forks - $15 from pit posse.

Bar risers since I'm 6'1

New grips

High pressure coolant cap - I heard 05's OEM caps are sometimes prone to failure ($25 bucks solves that problem)

2 no-toil air filters (Dishwasher cleaning is a lot easier for me)

Engine Timer if it doesn't have on ($30).

The bike I'm getting has 45 hours on the engine so i'm pulling to top end and putting a fresh piston, rings, bearing, etc. ($150). Not totally necessary, but a fellow thumpertalker suggested it as a good idea.

I race MX so a lot of what I have done is typical of MX for any bike. I haven't owned an RMZ before so I'm still on the learning curve also but I have owned a bunch of 4 strokes in the past. My add on's might be a little steep, but I just figure when I buy a bike I'm going to put an additional $1500 into it.

yeah i have had the suspension redone by pro-action when i bought the bike because my kx had all the suspension set up and it made a huge difference so i went ahead and had this one done to i ride alot off supercross and mx too the bike handles and tracks alot better since i had it done but ive only rode it once since getting it done but i plan on fine tuning a little im going to change the oil and everything this weekend but i just had surgery two weeks ago so im not going to be riding for another couple weeks but the weather should be perfect by the time the doc realeases me thanks for your post hope you like your bike as well as i do mine i can ride 30 min motos with ease since switching to the four stroke im not shifting and riding the bike near as hard as the 2-stroke hope to hear from some more people with rmzs also saw an 08 at dealer today and the salesmen had to wipe the drool of it when i

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