xr650r idling problems. and then some

so the story goes like this i picked up a 00 xr650r looks like a pretty clean bike top end just got replaced. the previous owner son crashed the bike and it wouldn't start after that compression was low so he got the top end done on it it ran but it wouldn't idle one shop messed with it didn't really get anywhere then another shop said it needed a new carb so they put a mikuni 40mm pumper on it the bike runs great pulls harder then my 450x but it just wont idle and it pops real bad on deceleration. we pulled it back apart to make sure the timing was right and it was the other shop that put the carb on didn't really get any where with it either any ideas would be greatly appreciated don't really know much about my BRP!

Popping on decel can mean a lean idle circuit; crappy idling is consistent with that. You need to get a manual for your exact carb and then try messing with the idle circuit adjustment screw (assuming there is one). You may need a different pilot jet, but the way to find that out is by messing with the adjustment screw.

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