crf 450x not quit right

Hi i got an 05' crf450x mods at present time are 13-1 wisco stg 1 hot cam 1mm bigger trx intake valves stock exhaust with baffle out 160m42p q neddle at4th [stock 06'r neddle]f/s 1.5 1000 ft el.My broblem is it it runns like crap untill its completly warmed up have replaced hot start fitting with aluminum one from zip ty i've heard that if the slide cut out is shot it will cause the same eratic carburation.its mainly from zero to 1/3 throttle have went back n forth on piliot fuel screw ,no know air leaks.i did change the bleed jet to a 55 from the stock 75 but to me it seams like an air leak or some thing :thumbsup: ...HELP thanks i look forward to the meeting of minds.

did you have the slide out of the carb?

did you have the slide out of the carb?

yes i did i even put it in backwards once really ran bad!

hot start cable has enough free play?

what happens when you open the fuel screw to 2.5 turns.

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