Gone Black !

As ive been of work with a torn thigh mussel i stripped the drz and sent away the bars , yokes , and various little bracket for powder coating, also moved the clocks a inch forward and relocated the ing barrel to the side now ive got a clean perposfull dash area. Next on the list is the rear subframe as ive got a spare one :thumbsup:





nice clean look ... throw some black excel rims at it :thumbsup:

yea there going on once it get a bit warmer s/m style !

Dear lord, now you can never come back... J/K Nice bike and clean looking setup :thumbsup:

yea thanks my friend not bad for knocking on the door of 30,000 miles ! just waiting for some warm weather and on will go the black excels 330 front disc 4 pot caliper and master cylinder ,

I think I like the looks of those fork cover doohickuses.

What are those? You know instead of the rumple plastic accordion doohickuses.

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