Blackwater Flash Back

Minimal Husky content,but it mentions ex Team Husky rider Ed Lojack and present Team Husky/BMW manager Scott Summers. If your a certain age and live in the East, the Blackwater was a big, big deal and Tommy Norton was a legend.

My favorite part is that Tommy dares to utter(twice) what no mags talk about.... that KTM went bankrupt in 1991. After years of every Husky article starting with talk of buyouts, distribution and financial woes, it gets tiresome.

On the other hand no KTM article ever mentioning the '91 bankruptcy or the Austrians taking the brand from John Penton in the 70's, seemed strange. Leave it to Tommy to just say it, Rod Bush probably shook his head in heaven.

Coffee.... too lttle Husky content, feel free to do what you want, but man does not live by tech tips alone! Get well!


I have a video of that Podium in 1990 and Rod bush is saying like "who this guy?" and the anoouncer is like" goonna give this guy a factory ride next year" and Bush is still like ""who this guy?" "uhh.yeah we will look into that............still, who this guy?" Funny


FAH-Q Racing my friends!!!!!

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