FX oem graphcs...and e line pipe guard

The 08 FX oem YZ graphics were released on Monday. I installed them yesterday. Not abad set of graphics. I love being able to leave the tank area open...no mor efume problems. I figure I can scratch the tank with me riding it and switch back to full coverage if I ever sell the bike. I would post a picture , ut it looks liek any other 08 out there.

The stupid part must be listed as the graphic weight. It saved 1/2 lb over the regular full coverage graphics.

Cost was around 35.00 which is a rip for the amount of graphic they sell for this kit. Much less material than 1 background. Oh well. Hopefully N-Style will make some as they usually do a better job.

Now, the cool part. In the bargain bin I found two e line pipe guards. The carbon models. The old stock American made ones. 55.00! I bought the fmf guard, but passed on the pro Circuit guard as it said 2002-2003 only. If it fit my current pipe, i might be tempted. These things fit well and are well made. Its old stock so none of the china made stuff. Looks great of the fmf pipe. I can use it for those days I am protecting the stock pipe.

If anyone wants one for a Pro Circuit pipe, let me know. I can stop inthe place and pick it up.

I am thinking of the 08' graphics too. The thing that might bug me is when the tank discolors to a darker blue. I wonder if that is going to look odd?

Whatcha think?

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