SM compression/rebound recommendations?

There seems to be quite a bit of info on setting up preload out there, but I'm having a hard time finding any definitive info on recommended compression and rebound settings for an SM. Anybody have any direction on that? As a relative noob to the bike, I really haven no idea where to go on the clickers from the factory settings.

Start with the stock settings. Confirm they are at the stock settings first. When you move the clickers, do so four clicks at a time. You want to positively be able to feel a difference. Once you make changes that seem good, change them again to confirm it is now worse, then go back to the previous setting. At this point, try two clicks at a time. Back and forth till it seems right to you. What others use is their preference. You are riding your bike, set it up to suit you.

Suspension is not real intuitive. For example, if it feels harsh, soften the Rebound, sort of the opposite of what you'd think.

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