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Oil Plug-YZ450f

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I have to safety wire the oil drain plug to race this bike in WERA/AHRMA. I am new to the model, but after reviewing the shop manual, it looks like there is:

1. An Oil Tank Plug.

2. An Oil filler plug/cap.

3. Oil Filter Drain plug.

4. A Drain bolt below the Oil Filler plug.

5. Crankcase drain plug.

These will all have to be safety wired apparently.

Having not changed the oil on this bike yet, do you open up plugs 3,4,& 5 to drain separate areas?

Another issue, in racing this bike with no air filter, just screen. What's the jetting change needed at the carb? We are talking roadrace, not motocross. The bike is outfitted with 17" wheels, and Yamaha R1 front end, and revised rear shock.


Thanks in advance.

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In a normal oil change, you need to open the dip stick, oil reservoir, and crankcase drains, and of course the fill plug. There is one other small drain for correcting overfill conditions located below the neutral switch on the left side, but it rarely has to be used if you do the job right.

Since the air filter is slightly restrictive, you may have less venturi vacuum with it off, which may mean you will need to go to a larger main jet. But there may not be that much difference, either.

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