WTB: street legal supermoto

Whats Up Im Looking For A Street Legal Supermoto Around The Chattanooga, Tn Area. Im Willing To Drive Up To 2 Hours To Pick Up If Needed. Trying Not To Spend More Than $3000. Show Me What You Got. Thanks

No need to drive, Pitster will ship it to ya. :thumbsup:


That is a pretty sweet looking bike. I would have one for a minimoto..

I don't think your gonna find to many street legalized supermoto's for 3000. it costs about 2,500 to buy the wheels, breaks, tires etc for supermoto. So tack off about 500-1000 on the value of just the supermoto parts for them being used and your looking at a bike that would only be worth 1,000-1,500 to the user without supermoto trim. which probably won't be a very nice bike.

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