Gas pours out overflow when running ONLY!

It has been my experience that if gas pours out of the overflow when running that it sill continue to come out when the engine is shut off (fuel still on). In this case fuel is coming out of the over flow only when the bike is running. There is no excess fuel coming out of the carb (into the filter, just the overflow. I just rebuilt the carb. New jets and all to try to solve this problem, but it didn't go away. Any ideas?


did you set your float height properly?

Should be that the fuel DOESN'T come out when the fuel in on/engine is I wrong? I would think that if the floats were set wrong that fuel would come out no matter what.:thumbsup:

maybe as the float moves up and down (due to engine sucking in fuel) letting fuel in the carb the float gets stuck open causing it to overflow. Check your needle valve by blowing in where the fuel in let is, and press the valve in and then you wont be able to blow any more air into it.

Also you float maybe catching on the sides.

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