Carb sync tool

Hi all!

I always had a strange phenomenom on my carb sync tool...


Is it normal that the needles switch back and forth between the value say 3, and the value 0 like 10 times by second. Crazy needles.... :thumbsup: or normal ?

Hope explanation is clear, sorry for poor english

+ my carbs desync very often.

Does that mean my carb line has a problem (sucking air then not sucking then sucking air 10x/second) ?

Kawa ZZR600 4 carbs 16 valves 4 strokes, Kehein carbs


Note the tool on the pic is not mine but I have the exact same one, on that pic the needles seem to stay fixed to the correct values

you have to use the knobs to limit the air to stabilize the needles.

mecury sticks are a better way to do this.they are much more accurate and stabil.

Oh that's the usage of those nobs! Great thanks

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