Enduro Engineering: Radiator Braces

does anyone have these radiator braces on their crf450r? if so how is the fit and finish? Im thinking about getting em for my 07.

I have never heard of them. I would recommend Flatland if you have not already checked them out.

I like the end. eng. braces because you can retain the stock radiator grilles.

Thats the first I have seen them too but they look like Moose Racing rad guards.. It looks like they would protect from getting squished in a lay down but not from bending back..

I did alot of research and ended up with UniBiker rad guards. Flatlands and Unibikers seem to be the favorites and from what I gathered both are great products and they both offer protection from all sides..I went with unibike B/C the grill sits off the rad more than the flatlands so they seem less likly to clog with mud.. I've tested mine pretty well which included side and frontal impacts ( doe!) and the Rads have not budged..

Both Flat land and Uni Biker have screens on the front of the rad which is nice for the woods.. i was concerned that this would restrict air flow B/C you have to remove the louves but I have not noticed a difference in engine heat or colant puking..

I have the Moose radiator braces, from past experience Moose has Enduro Engineering manufacture some of their items such as hand guards and these radiator braces. Here is a review I posted on CRF's Only.

These Moose Racing radiator guards are constructed very sturdy and should withstand most reasonable impacts. I chose these because they retain the front louvers to allow for the maximun amount of airflow. The installation went very easy. Three things I’d like to bring forward to potential purchasers. First is they require you to drain the coolant to install the inner half of the braces, so before starting the job make sure you have coolant. Second is to tighten the bolts for the inner support rods before you bolt the guard up the frame, I’m sure the directions stated this but I only looked at the pictures of the directions. Finally when replacing the upper radiator hose you may want to consider a hose that’s slightly longer, I simply re-centered mine and made it work, also be careful that the radiator clamps on the top do not rub on your frame. The shrouds fit via a spacer and require no trimming. I’m very happy that I purchased these guards.

When I was looking I was able to find the Moose branded guards ~$14.95 cheaper then I could find the Enduro Engineering units. I really like the fact that they retain the stock plastic louvers which help keep the bike cooler then then others like Flatlands.

If you would get lucky you might be able to find a pair of Rooster brand radiator braces - but since they went out of business these are getting hard to come by.


I ordered the enduro engineering braces and they showed up branded by moose. I really like these braces as well, they are very sturdy and do a really good job protecting the radiators from bending or squishing in any way. I would definitely recommend them.

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