Props to Amsoil!!!

I know thumpertalk is a predominantly 4 stroke based but there is 2 stroke sections and a lot of us have both. Sooooo, I just wanted to show a couple pictures of my engine ran with Amsoil since day one.

This is an '07 KTM 300XC-W. Mixed 50:1 with amsoil. This bike has had 150 gallons of gas ran through it. 30+ hours of faster "B" class hare scramble/enduro racing and upwards of 150 hours worth of trail and desert riding. I'm having some motor work done and replacing the top end on it. These pictures are taken with my camera phone so quality isn't doing justice but you get the idea.

Here's the head... Wiped down with just a paper towel for about 10 seconds at best...


Here's the piston, not an ounce of carbon build up. Minor signs of it running lean but that's it.


22 years of riding with MANY bikes rebuilt and blown up over the years. I have never once pulled apart or seen a bike this clean with the use it has.

I'm absolutely sold on Amsoil premix at the very least!!!


Which amsoil premix are you using? I am currently running Silkolene at 32:1, would I also run the amsoil at 50:1? After seeing your piston are you going to keep running 50:1?

damn thats nice.

Are you using AMSOIL Dominator? Thats what I use and get similar results.(I mix at 40:1 though)

My son's KX65 had the crap ridden out of it last summer, the engine looked identical inside - there wasn't even noticeable ring wear on it. The little bit of Amsoil in the case (when flipped) was brand new looking as well.

I just recently got sponsored by them. they are EXCELLENT. All of my emails and phone calls never go unoticed. GREAT people to work with.

Yes, I will continue to run at 50:1. I run the dominator stuff. I also run Amsoil in the lower too.

KTM manual recomends running motorex at 50:1 if I remember right for my bike. I too am sponsored by Amsoil and was running it because of the deal I was getting. But, now after seeing this even without the sponsor I'll continue to run it. I'm very satisfied... I left that "sponsor" out of the first post just cause I wanted to show the wear without people thinking I was pushing the product for other means...

Those pictures are after 12 quarts (1 case) through the motor. That's where I was able to get my gas used figure from... LOL, assuming I did the math correctly???

I mix amsoil as well. 50:1 in my kx125. Also run their 4stroke oil in my 250f

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