Between Kxf450 or Crf450r

ok gonna get a bike next year and just wanna see some opinions which is better for like desert/lil track both 08's??

if set up properly they can both be just as good as the other

Both are bad a$$ bikes... New or used?? Honda 4t's have been around longer so they are more tried and true..If your going new the 08 honda has a steering stablizer..I ride a red bike so yeah I'm biased but you'll be stoked either way...

not to piss off any kxf owners, but i've heard of so many reliability issues with the kxf on TT. And the dirtbike magazines are usually oblivious to these problems, but it's so bad that Dirt Bike included a little section on it in their last 450 shoot out. they said if you get a kxf, change the piston at 20 hours and the crank at 60. no less.

The Honda pulls longer but the power happens at a lower RPM on the Kawie. I prefer the Hondas handling but the KXF isnt far behind. I also find maintenance like top ends to be easier on Hondas because of the Unicam design. Try to get some seat time then decide. Both have specific things to be careful of during maintenance so snoop on their forums to check out what it is and then take that into consideration.

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