03 cr125 rc valve??

i wanted to know if the 03cr125 had an rc valve andwanted to know were the majority of 125's 6speed,thanks guys:thumbsup:

Im pretty sure you can look on the flywheel side of the motor and see RC in big letters. At least that is how you can tell on the 2002 model. And most of the 125's are 5 speed.

i know that the yz125's are 6 speed i just wasnt sure about other makes.and i thought all the cr's after 02 and up had the rc valve but i guess mine has had a diff. cylinder put on if thats the case.

04 was the first year of the RC valve on the 125, only the 250 has had it since 02.

and does the rc valve better the cr's or has it been a overrated addition,i would like to hear some different opinions and also can you put a 04 cylinder with rc valve on an 03,thanks

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