VStrom 650 clutch won't release


06 WeeStrom, (my Bosses bike)

Clutch to the bar, and its still spins the rear tire, enough that its tough to stop with my hand.

Cable is adj. min. free movement, But enough.

New Discs, and Plates, No groves on the hub, or basket. New springs. Honda MC 10w30 oil

Does a new clutch have to be broken in?

It was rebuilt cause he smoked the clucth on a mountain trip, and it started slipping under heavy power.

Now its hard to find neutral while running. I said "So What". not the answer he was looking for.

Ride it and see? Or what else could it be?!?!

thanks everybody!


Yep it was just that new clutch feeling.

I took a few hotlaps and she loosened right up.

She seems like a decent commuter bike, but not much more power than a 450, So.... I'd stick slicks on my 450 and have more fun. :thumbsup:

I am sure you have but just to check, did you adjust the release arm after installing the new clutch?

I have run into similar issues where the arm has not been readjusted.

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