Does anyone really know?

The advertisers keep telling us the pros use their equipment, but is that same equipment we can buy?

I mean is the ProCircuit pipe on Ryan Villopoto's bike the same as the one you and I can purchase?

Do the pros use slipper clutches or do the adverts just say that so that you'll fork out your bucks for something that may or may not be a benefit?

Sorry for all the questions I was just wondering if we get what we are paying for? We may be forking out top dollars for a PC Rear Linkage or RG3 Tripple Clamp, under the impression that we are buying the same componants that Villopoto or some other pros uses becasue the adverts say so, but is it the same product. I mean most of the pros have modifications made specifically to meet their riding style so is an item that's available over the counter really the same thing?

Can we really purchase what the pros are using?

Much of the Pro Circuit stuff is the same but they do some additional mods. The pipe they use is similar but much shorter and welded together at the endcap. The difference in performance is not something you will motice between the stuff they use and what you can buy unless you ride as well as RV and have a mechanic to set up your bike as good as he does.

Yep Yep agreed with tikimann.. There are products that PC uses like thier linkage. From what has been proven the pc linkage is actuly the same thing as a stock 450f linkage. So you could save money by buying that. Just it wont be billet and say PC on it..

The thing is, what the PROs use is specificly taylored for thier riding style and thier bike.. The makers of these products spend hundreds of hours of R&D for that rider.. How ever they also spend alot of hours getting a product that was done for the pros to be more generic to work OK for all sorts of bikes & riders.. It's not that its bad but its not taylered exactly for the rider & bike.

If it was custom made for you the prices would be astronomical. Or if they made an exact copy of what villipoto used you may just waste your money because you would never be able to get it to work because you can't ride like he does and you would think the product sucks..

In other terms you as a consumer are giving a false sence of getting what the pros use when you're not. How ever you as the consumer need to be aware that you can't and it's your responcibility to understand that.

The answer is yes and no.

First off we are constantly improving things and have different specs than from a month ago sometimes. I update my customers to the new specs if they want, not a problem... even when it comes down to re-doing their head.

The second point is some of the pro's are picky... and want things a certain way... a way that won't work for the average guy. So you're not going to get that.

There is a third point... some engine builders feel they don't want anyone else to see their "good" stuff.. so they don't give the good stuff to the average joe... they're trying to protect people from copying their stuff.

I don't believe in this... mainly because i'm constantly trying new things... so what I had 2 months ago may not be the same as what I have now. If you're trying to protect your technology... you're hurting yourself because you're not giving the customer the best thing out there.

Well there are other reasons that they don’t sell what the guys race. Their stuff does not have to last longer than a race.

A good example is Mitch told me that the short exhaust that the guys race is not going to be sold because we would have to change out the packing after every couple of rides but for the guys racing who get new pipes each time it is not an issue.

the stuff they use and we use is completely different......i've seen R.Vs t-clamp and it is different than mine, his pipe, motor, etc is different than production.....the guys right we couldn't tell a difference.......the main thing they have over us is countless hours testing everything to make it perfect!

Well the thing is making cookie cutter parts is easy, now making parts specific for every riders interest, thats almost impossible, now unless you got the cash to back your custom parts, some people still say "oh no you can't get this and that" I'm gonna have to call ur bluff , the right amount of money can build you anything, It's just not practical for the average Joe weekend warrior:blah:

I reckon it's ok if you can't buy the exact same pipe as RV, but shouldn't you have the option?

If PC sold you the same item but with a warning that it would only last 2 races, then shouldn't it be your perogative to buy it or not?

I can understand mass production brings the manufacturing costs down, but there might be some riders out there that reckon they can ride as fast as RV if they had the same gear, they just can't get their hands on them. So maybe PC should reconsider their marketing strategy they may be missing on a huge potential market. The exact same PC pipe that RV uses could even cost more I'm sure there would be a market.

How about a Slipper Clutch? That's something that you can adjust yourself. Or do you think Hinson make specific clutches for the pros as well?

Can anyone on this forum say for sure that the pros use Hinson or Rekluse Slipper clutches?

To buy a slipper clutch you have to fork out big bucks so I reckon you'd like to know for sure before buying something like that.

Sure, it should be your perogative to buy it or not... IF its available for sale. I'm in manufacturing, and it all depends on the "item", but its VERY common to have "one-off" parts, cost up to 20 times the price of its production counterpart. Are you willing to pay up to $4,000.00 for a $200.00 part? (I'm talking about just making the part itself, tooling up to make it production costs enough to sink a smaller company, and get a lot of people fired in a bigger company, if the part fails to sell)

The people making the parts, are betting against it. And if they made some of them available, they would be setting a lot of money on store shelves that they will never get back.

If there are riders out there that think they can be riding as fast as RV with the same gear... Then they are already a strong SX Lites rider, or could be. RV is what makes RV fast, his "one-off" parts, just polish the package.

Good point!

Rider = 90%

Bike = 10%

Just thinking if they advertise that RV uses it then that is probably the reason why a lot of people buy it. But as it has already been established you can't buy it.

So isn't that false advertising?

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