07 450 exc suspension

looking for a good and fair price shop in socal for suspenion work on my 450

Everyone on KTM talk love the trail trick mods. Think they are in CA somewhere. Thinking of trying them myself.

Precision Concepts in Riverside CA is top of the line!

They've set Honda's Baja team bikes for years...


Another vote for Precision Concepts! They did my '02 and my '07. They know their stuff, just tell 'em what kind of riding you do and follow their recommendations. Two locations, one in El Cajon (San DIego area) and another up near Temecula/Riverside.:thumbsup:

Trail tricks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Javier is the man. He hooked up mine at a killa price. Just droped off my bike and he did all the work. Even took me riding with him to help dial in the suspension!!!! He is in Frazier Park a few mins north of hungry valley/gorman. his cell number is 310-923-0485

And another here for P.C. They dialed my XR650R for me last year and it works absolutely awesome! When the time comes for the EXC to get tuned, that's where I'll be going. I went to the one in Temecula.

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