Brake pads (new) for 91-95 DR650 - free!

I have a set of brake pads for a 91-95 DR650 that I accidentally got on eBay a while back. I didn't realize they were the wrong year until after I got them :thumbsup:

Anyway, they're EBC pads and they are still new in the package. Part numbers are 147X and 157X. First to post that they want them can have them for free (I'll even pay shipping).

Just trying to give a small little bit back to the community that has been of invaluable help to me.

It just happens that I'am in need of front/rear pads for my 1995 dr650. I was going to order OEM pads the next time I ordered parts for my son 97 DR350. Thanks for the offer.

If you want them, just PM me you name and address and I'll send them out.


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