Best All Around Tires DR650

Knowing no one tire may suit all conditions .....

riding 40% street 60% fire roads w/ hard packed dirt, some gravel

What is the best all around tire considering no deep mud etc.

I've heard the new Dunlop or Michelin for best wear, pucture resistance and grip ?

I have had a good run with Metzeler Saharas in Australian Desert Condions. I ride about 80% off road. The Kimberley region has a wide range of conditions - sand, hard pack, stony and jaggy rock. They wear well and offer acceptable grip.

But... what is good for me may not be good for you. I have a fairly conservative riding style (I don't bounce as well as I used to) so for someone who is a more aggressive rider a more aggressive tyre might be more appropriate and copping the tyre wear penalty.

During the tropical wet I run Metzeler Karoo or Dunlop 606 over the same country.


Thanks Mate

i've had the Duro tire on my bike for the last 1500 miles. very pleased with the road manners and wear factor. Great on gravel and hard pack. Front tire seams to wash out a little like the trailwings. Rear is not so great in the Georgia clay or mud. Danger on wet grassy areas. Price was great. Replacing this week with Dunlop D606 front and rear. I previously put a set on my DRZ400 and love them.

Spend some time researching the Mefo Explorer. I just added them to my bike and they have performed very well. An excellent 50/50 tire.

These came highly recommended...from TT and Advrider.

Good luck!

I just took a Mefo Explorer off the rear. It's a decent tire for what you will be riding although it's no good in the mud. It will last a long time, and it handles great on the road too. I just decided to try something new since I tend to find myself in muddy conditions a lot. I just spooned on an IRC GP-1, another highly recommended tire for 50/50. The IRC looks like it has better offroad grip, maybe better than the Mefo but less than a Dunlop 606.

The Mefo rear is a tiny tire. A 130/80 rear really looks like a 120 sized street tire. The IRC is slightly taller than the Mefo but shorter than a 606.

The GP-1:


The Mefo:



The 606 rear is a great tire both on and off road but does not last long, maybe 2000 miles, and is not as smooth on the road as the Mefo:


On the front, I trust one tire to do it all - the Pirelli MT18 (now rebadged as the "Scorpion XCMH"). Great offroad and suprisingly good for a knobby on the pavement:


The Pirelli MT21 would be my second choice although it is less aggressive.

I've tried a Cheng Shin C858 on the front and it is a hoot on the pavement but real slippery offroad and has a weak sidewall:


The old saying, "jack of all trades, master of none", definitely applies when it comes to DS tires. I've come to the conclusion that I must decide whether I want good street performance or good dirt performance. A tire that excels in neither environment, IMO, is not going to be much fun. That said I've settled on the Pirelli ATs. I've got a real dirt bike with real dirt bike tires that I can ride off road. When riding the DR I prefer to give up some dirt performance for good street performance. It is a hoot to sneak up behind a sportbike on the twisty parts of GA180.

FWIW - If the stock Trailwings lasted longer I'd probably still be running those. I could never get more than 2K out of a rear (I went through 3). When aired down to ~15-18psi they worked OK in everything but mud. When aired up to 25-29psi they worked great on the street.

P.S. - We need to have a Georgia DR650 get together.

How about a get-together in the center of the state?

Kenda 270 front and rear are hard to beat if you don't need an aggressive off road tire. Cheap and long lasting. Put 4000 miles, 1000 on dirt, 3000 on pavement on my last pair before selling the bike and they showed very little wear.

Maxxis C6006.

The more I ride on them the more I like the way they work. The only thing that bugs me is they howl on the pavement a bit too much for my liking.

Update on the IRC GP-1 rear tire: I put the tire through just about every condition imaginable last weekend, high speed (85 mph) cornering, gravel, mud, wet pavement, sand), and it performed very well. It handled the offroad conditions much better than the Mefo but performed as well on pavement - very smooth, little noise, and quick turning. I believe the Mefo will outlast the GP-1 but the Mefo does cost considerably more.

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