06 DRZ400 SM Header

Hey, I have a leovince L 3x pipe on my 06 SM. I was wondering if I'm able to put a power bomb header on my bike and how much of a difference it will make compared to the stock header. :thumbsup:

I believe FMF only makes one header for a DRZ and it fits the E. If that is true it will fit an S or SM but you will need to expand the joint of the mid-pipe slightly to make it fit. It is better that way anyway "cause if you did not have to enlarge the joint there would not be any significant performance increase. With the slightly larger E size header you will get a improvement in performance, probably more then you got with the LeoVince slip on. You could get a simular improvement for less money by switching to a stock E header, but this would not look as cool as the FMF.It would be a lot cheaper, though. You can get a stock E header used for alot less then the cost of the FMF.

fmf makes the "powerbomb" and "megabomb" for the dr-z, i have the powerbomb on my "s" model (the s, and sm are the same) it was awesome, really improved low-to mid range without hurting the top. it fit just fine, and will fit the K, S, E, and SM dr-z models, theres just no heat-shield. the mufflers have different bolt up on the E/K models from the S/SM models because they have different sub-frames, but thats just for mounting, the "E" muffler just mounts into one of the buddy peg bolts on the S/SM subframe so it all works just fine, i have a scorpion exhaust that was intended for an "E" on my "S"

Hey thanks for the information guys! Very helpful and I appreciate it!:thumbsup:

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