How hard is it to change a rear tire?

I agree - I don't balance them and never a problem. In fact on the 93 XR650L I just put together the rear rim had some stick on weights on the rim, I removed them, chgecked all the spokes and tightened the loose ones, installed new tire and tube Dunlop 606, rides nice!

Press on and removal chain tool from DID is really nice to have and easy to use. A bit pricey, but nice to have a s a professional tool, small enough to carry with you also.

D.I.D. KM500 Chain Cutting and Riveting Tool


Our Price: $137.95

As you can see from my avatar you can see that I needed a tool like this once. Luckily, I was in an easy to get to spot and only a few miles from my truck. That's an expensive tool though. It does look nice and small. I would like to find something a little less expensive that could still do the job.

They don't talk about it too much in the vids but the most important part is the tire 180 to where you are spooning. MAKE SURE THE TIRE IS PUSHED DOWN INTO THE DISH OF THE RIM. Like the guy said if it is too hard you are doing something wrong.

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