ODDX Needle / Coast enrichner

Ok i have done lots of reading on here but i need to Clarify 2 things

Riding at sea level, 05 DRZ 400 s with FCR carb from 2003 E model, 3x3 Full yosh Tri Oval, 160 main, 200MAJ

Do I Need The EMN Needle or can I run The stock OBDX 5th Position ??

Coat Enrichener removed I have 45 pilot and 60 PAJ , will that work or do i need the 100 PAJ, if so can i get that from Suzuki ??

EMN will perform better but the DXP will work.many like it.

you either need a 100 pilot air jet or just connect the 2 brass nipples together with a short hose.

Thanks Eddie, I assume the other jetting I posted looks correct

165 main jet with DXP needle,160 with EMN.

are you talking of the two nipples on the carby, nearly on top of each other not the one on the right had side near the barrel. As I have removed my coast enrichener and haven't changed my pilot air jet yet and joning the two nipple sounds like a quick fix until the change.

the 2 nipples in the carb.you cap the one on the head.

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