Sunline Fuel Screw

How are these working? Heard of one brand backing out all the time? Which are the best ones to get?

If its backing out try putting on more O-rings.Also Look up Zip=ty racing.

I have a Zip Ty screw, been using it for 2 years, zero problems.

Have used Zip Ty and Storm screws, no problem with either one (although the Zip Ty comes with spring, washer and o-ring and the Storm one was bare). I'm sure a Sunline will be fine, it looks just like eveerybody else's.

Doing it again, Id get the Works Connection screw. Its got an extra Oring on the shaft below the spring seat that stabilizes the screw body in addition to the spring and other oring.

They all do the same thing. Go to a hardware store and get an extra o-ring or more. That will do the trick. Its all the fuel screws, not just Sunline.

I have a Sunline fuel screw. I like it. It is easy to adjust. It has the extra O ring and it has never come loose. I recommend it.

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