Which one is better CRF 450 X or YZ 450 F

I have just not been able to decide between these two bikes. I am gonna be doing a 7 day racing event in India and don't really know which one is more durable and why? This racing event will have about 5 to 6 dirt sections of 30 to 50 kms and then transport( non-competitive section - usually 100 kms at a time - at least 3 a day). The terrain is going to be right from river bed to rocky mountain, to desert to slushy and will have a mix of all of them. Please advise why and which bike to get?

Get both . Have a backup bike in case one of them breaks. Your question is so open ended it would be impossible to answer. There are so many what ifs, riding styles, expertise of rider. Like I said impossible to answer the ultamate question, "Witch bike is best"? Rephrase, give more info on your ridin expertise. Why not include a dozen other bikes to compare.

I'm getting tired:crazy:

Well...to be honest I have been riding a 110 cc 14 bhp Suzuki Shoan and both these bikes are about 10 times more powerful. I guess what I am looking for is long term endurance for a bike. I have heard that the valves have to be adjusted for the Honda after every 150 kms of hard riding. I mean things like this send me away from the Honda. On the other hand i hear good things about honda too and this is what puts me into confusion. I dont want to go with any other but either of these. Can you sugest some pros and cons....I mean finally I am gonna make my own decision and I guess I am also looking for some direction.

About my riding....I am very aggressive and the events I have been doing have been mostly in the mountains. Dirt sections were more like the river bed with huge rocks but I am what I am looking for is long term endurance on a bike with little or no maintenance. I have sevice backup but I would prefer a bike which can take the worst beating and still continue.

First of all neither one of these bikes is designed to compete in a seven day off-road event without specific preparation by an experienced off road racing team. The Honda 450x won the Baja 1000 this past year. Do you think the rider stopped and adjusted valves every so often to keep it running? Of course not. Movng from a 110cc bike to a 450cc bike reguardless of brand is a terrific jump up in power. I don't believe you need to worry about which bike is better. I think you need to evaluate your ability to ride these bigger bikes in such an event. You'll be lucky to even finish based on your own abilityto ride the more powerful bike. Given the info you provided in the previous post I think either bike will be fine. I suggest you prepare to "ride to finish the event not ride to win the event". With all due respect.:thumbsup:

Honestly speaking, the event I am going to do is similar to the Baja 1000, howver the difference is that we have a non-competitive section after every competitive. Each competitive section is about 50 kms long and then the non competitive maybe 50 to 100 kms. Here is the website of the event. http://www.raid-de-himalaya.com/2004LIVE/index.asp Also which bike do you ride? I understand that there is enormous power difference but even my 110 bike was modified to give an output of 32 BHP with a top end of 140 kms an hour. I welcome your advice.

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