Adding a accessory connection to the 650R

I have a 650R that I want to add an adaptor to plug in my GPS and run it off the bike. The bike has the stock stator and I run a 55 watt headlight which is the best I can do in it's stock form. My question is, can I hard wire an adaptor from the headlight to power a GPS? I know I would need to put an inline fuse or something to prevent frying my gps unit when the power surges.

I have a 1200 mile ride coming up soon and don't want to carry all the batteries needed to keep my gps working for all that time. Any suggestions?

Yes, I know I should just suck it up and rewind the stator, but I don't see the need for that as of yet.

The Stock electrical system is AC. If the regulator has two wires (on the air box, right side) it is AC. If it has 4 wires then it has been changed and is DC. I just put a ricky stator (2 X 100 watt coils) in and used one coil for stock electrical system, then added a DC regulator rectifier fo the other coil to run the GPS, electronic speedo, heated grips & a jack for my heated vest!

I just converted mine to DC.You can buy a $3.50 rectifier from to for wiring instructions..I'm using a very small battery,brake lights,and turn signals with the stock stator for now.

So, what I understand so far is that I will need to convert the bike to DC and I will need to install a battery. Is that right?

Frank, thanks for passing on the Farplaces website. I only looked at it briefly, but looks like it will help me out alot. Thanks again.

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