2000WR400 FOR SALE

I am selling a 2000 WR400 with a little over 700 miles on it, the following mods have been done to it less than 3 months ago. White bros Tapered head pipe, White bros Promeg silencer, YZ tank, seat and rear fender, Dunlop 752 r tire, Renthal 52t sprocket, Renthal Gold chain, Pro taper bars. I have Fox Forma boots sz 10, HJC helmet sz L, and Oakley pro goggles that are 5 months old that also go with the bike, all the original parts {tank,seat,fender,exhaust etc} go with the bike. It all must go. I am asking $5000 obo.

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ooops screwed that one up....

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Let me know if your willing to sell the boots, and helmet seperate from the bike. I'd be willing to buy them!


Or the YZ tank, stock headpipe, number plate, rear fender...I wouldnt mind buying that stuff from you if your interested.


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Hey.... If you want to sell your bike.... I told you last friday... that it is sold... Darron will be contacting you tommorrow..... (tuesday) he got his financing today..... course you could have called to confirm after our conversation on friday......

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