How did you mount a dual sport mirror on your E ?

I have my Baja Designs kit installed and bought a Ken Sean mirror but I have no way to mount it? Any suggestions? Is there an adapter for the perches or a separate mount I can buy?

Your can buy the S/SM clutch clamp and use it instead of the E clamp. It has the thread you need to bolt your mirror :thumbsup:

Number 8 on the OEM part diagram BRACKET, HOLDER part# 57512-13E00 $9.82 online, probably a little more at your local dealer.

The link does go to their main page but I assume you are referring to their Billet Perch / Mirror Mount. Same stuff.

I just prefer the OEM parts because it is an exact match to the other side of the perch both in shape and material but function is 100% the same.

I bought the mirror perch that bolts onto the back of the clutch perch....was a stock SV650 black one.

makes sense. thanks.

ThumperTalk has an adapter that fits 7/8" handlebars on the same page as the Ken Sean mirror. That's what I bought and use on my green E. I think I got the cast version instead of the milled version. It does take up it's own real estate on the bar however. The clutch perch adapter someone mentioned sounds like a good idea if it's not too $$$.


Thanks all, I ended up ordering the stock S clamp for the clutch perch. Was $12 and I should have it by Monday. I have the Ken Sean mirror but if it breaks I will definitely be buying that KTM mirror on the previous page... thanks for the link.

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