fork leaks oil

my fork leaks oil out of the adjustment knob.. anyone know how to fix?? oh and its an ssr sb-a

I have some SP5's that leak, makes good lube for the fork legs, I gave up on trying to fix them.

Tanar you take them apart yet to check em out according to that tech manual on the Outlaw site? Also if we can't figure it out, or find the problem we will have to get ahold of Outlaw to help us out / replace it. The bike is only 1 day old so I'm sure he will get it squared away. If you wanna mess with it this weekend let me know and we'll get together.

Kirby's bike is running like a champ, took apart the carb and it was full of a "rust" like substance, all clogged up. Cleaned it really good and adjusted according to specs found here on Thumpertalk and it rips now.

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