Post the jetting specs of your RM250

I'd like to see what you guys are running out there.... If you could post up a little of how your bike is jetted and your altitude & oil and whatnot... that's be great.

2003 RM250

500ft. Altitude

55-85 degree temps

40:1 Amsoil Dominator


Any input is much obliged, as always. Later!

168 main jet

45 pilot

air screw 1 3/4 turns out

needle clip second from top, stock needle

elevation 1000 ft

Bike runs great at 60 degrees, 30 to 1 oil mix

1400' - 4000'

168 mj (may go to 165 for summer)

45 pj

stock needle 3rd

a/s as needed

40:1 synthetic

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