Raglan Pits

Is Raglan pits in ontario canada a legal place to ride?? im thinking of going therer this weekend..anyone with info would helpp..like wut kind of terrain..or the suggested tire pressure or any ways to prep my bike

i used to ride there, no its not legal on a busy weekend there might be cops out. If you still wanna go then just park off that main road and avoid spots where you can be seen.

wut do the cops check for???? like just booze and shit?? im just going with a bunch of 4x4s they wana ride the trails and i wana ride the pit

Took my motard in there last summer. Didn't see any cops, what can they do? My bike is street legal.

It was pretty sandy especially with street tires, still had a good time.

Couple weekends ago, the cops were there handing out tickets for no registration and no insurance to anyone who rode on the roads leading to the pits (the fines in general seemed to be $110 combined, but they were advising guys that they could fine $500 or more). If you're in the pit or on the trails, it's private property and they can't/won't tag you.

As far as bike set-up goes, for the pit area, lower tire pressure and a clean air filter. That said, there's a lot of decent trails in behind with plenty of roots and rocks, so if you plan on riding back there, don't go too low on that air pressure.

Where in Ontario is this?

north of oshawaw half way to port perry

MK thanks

If you are on the road they can charge you with all kinds of stuff, no insurance ($5000) no registration, no signals, no horn, they can even do you for racing and impound your bike!! If you are in the pit they can charge you with Tresspassing only. Might aswell legal up your bike and head 15 minutes east to the ganny..Thats where I am going today!

you can't "legal up" dirtbikes anymore - that ended Oct.13th 2007

I think he meant 'legal up' as in get offroad plates and insurance which you need for Ganaraska...

you are correct, thats what I meant, the Ganny is close and tons o trails. So as I said, legal up your bike and go rip!

how do i get there from oshawa

head over to 35, go 35 north, just as you hit the 115 to Peterborough, get off and go east on Boundry Road...follow the other bikes!

and thatll take me to the sand pits???

No that won't take you to the pits.

Go north on Harmony to Winchester, right on Winchester, then your first left(at the stop sign), go to the next stop sign, make a right, go about a km, make a left immediately after the pond on the left (townline I think but not sure), follow that until you get to the off camber 90degree right turn (you certainly can't miss it), after the turn about 100 yards up is a left that goes up a steep hill and turns to gravel, follow around the bend on the right, the pit will be on your left, hard to miss it's about 10,000 acres of deep power robbing sand. The trails from the edge of the pit going East can take you to Mosport, the Ganaraska, Bewdely and about anywhere else you want to go.

About a 10-15 min drive from Taunton and Harmony.

PM me.


here is the link, head east on boundry, as you pass the large gravel pit on the right, you will see several entrances on the right hand side, drive in there and pick a place to park, this is also close to the Sandaraska park if you are interested in camping near by.

if you are looking to get to the Raglan pits again I go in off Boundry road, here is a link and how I get there (when I used to go there)


Simoe Street North, Raglan Road East right to the end, turn North and the road quickly bends East again, Take your firts left which is Cochrane road, as you go North on Cochrane road you will pass the railway tracks and you will see all the trucks parked, park there and go.

Remember Raglan is enforced by the Police,

have a gooder..

Don't forget- you need a pass to ride the Ganny

$20/day $100/yr.

do lots off ppl still ride there and how ofter r the cops there and what r the concequences for riding there

most likely just a trespass ticket if you have the rest of your documents. When I used to go there, I remember the air ambulance coming in 3 seperate times!!! Just be carfull. And the Police are there more frequent on the weekends, but hey have been there mid week too.

Its not bad to use that as a starting point and head east down boundry road towards other trails, but the pit is just stupid, too many idiots going all over the place.

Take care

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