i want to change my suspension but i dont know what to change on it

First you need to know why you want to change them, then tell us.

Are they blown up or just leaking?

When you ride do they bounce around or hammer like a log wagon?

Do you ride motoX, superX, supermoto,hairscramble, log roads, corn feilds, backyard or up and the street?

Then most peaple would say send them off.

what do u want to change about the sup.

Also: what year model KX450F? Is the suspension valving stock or modified? have you adjusted anything? Roughly what do you weigh?

If you take your forks and shock to a good susp tuner, they should give you some written guidelines on how to setup the external adjustments for your needs.

well it is an 2006 and i weigh roughly 160 or lil less just geussin and i want it to be a tad softer i ride everything though but i will be racing moto x soon

well it is an 2006 and i weigh roughly 160 or lil less just geussin and i want it to be a tad softer i ride everything though but i will be racing moto x soon

I have the 06 and weigh 165. I assume your bike is stock. For a real fix, the 06 needs re-valving front and rear. Major gains to be made. Also the stock rear spring is too stiff for your weight. I use a 5.0 on the rear instead of the 5.4 stock. I still have the 0.46 fork springs, but my tuner softened those other small springs in the forks [name of them I forget]. Long term you need to take your shock and forks to a tuner with a good reputation. Get a setup guide off them, read it and do what they suggest. Your bike will feel so different you wont believe it.

Short term (interim solution) you could make the usual external adjustments:

1) Raise forks in the clamps from 7 to 11mm and leave there. Also set your bars how you like them.

2) Set rear sag so your bike turns into corners better when you lean (tip) the bike in. Raise rear for more turn in, and so less need to sit super far fwd. Raise rear too much and the bike turns to much and other problems happen.

3) Set your compression damping on either end so your bike is just on the verge of bottoming out at some point on your target track. That is you are using all travel. Put zip ties on your fork leg and shock shaft to check [some light elastic better on the shock shaft]. This setup is assuming you are not riding in sand. Sand is different.

4) Set your shock rebound dampening (slow enough) so your rear does not buck on braking bumps, and no too slow on the rebound so the rear holds down too long in bumpy corners and the bike pushes out of turns. Also too slow and your rear tire wont hook up on accel bumps.

5) Set your fork rebound dampening so you have enough to hold the front down in turns so your bike rails ruts without too much effort. But not too much on the fork rebound else your forks can pack down and you can get awful unstable in the steering at times.

That's my rough guide. As you can tell, it's often a game of compromises. The diffs can (will) be huge. Once re-valved properly the 06 is a much better bike, and can handle more tricky terrain. Work at it, practice front vs rear brake control on corner entry too, and enjoy.

Oh yeah, search for 742F in this forum and see if you want to change your front tire. :thumbsup:

Sweet guide there!

i have no problems with turning i need to set it up for jumping im not the best jumper and thats is where im am uncomforitable with it

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      On my last ride I had white smoke while riding and it shut off. turned out to be coolant in my oil.
      So far the only thing Ive changed is the water pump gasket on the outside. I though it might be the head, i.e a crack so I did a compression test and got VERY low readings. Every time I did it, it was BELOW 50 PSI but It holds it does not leak. What else could this be??
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