removing flywheel

hi going to rebuild my bottom end this week so need to get my flywheel off,i previously posted that it may be fitted with a weight but my camere wernt working so heres a pic,do i need a special tool or do i just remove the little allen grub screws and pull it off so i can get to the flywheel cheerz flywheel.jpg

Looks like you have a flywheel weight on there (Steahly).

You need to loosen (not remove) the allen bolts. They come with a tool to install and remove them, it looks like you will have to get a hold of one or make your own. The tool is just a piece of steel that allows you to remove the weight. It threads into the two holes that you can see in the picture and has a square cut in the middle so that you can put a socket on it to turn the flywheel. Wish I had a picture.

thanx i think i get what you mean,i could make one out of a piece of steel cut out the middle to fit a torque wrench drive and remove it is it anti clockwise like the flywheel nut

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